I have a heart

I have a heart
I have a heart and that is true, but now it has gone from me to you, so care for it just like i do, cause i have no heart and you have two...

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Cloz Ur eYes & Imagine My Smiley face My Lovely eYes My Pink_Lips My Brown_Hair Done!Ok Mubbarak Ho Aapne EID Ka Chand Dekh Liya
SpeCiaL PeRsons" are part of our memories dat time can NeVeR erase . & wen i ' m blessed with a person like u ,my memories are worth keeping forever!
I would give up happines to never see you sad, I would give up eternity to be with you always, I would give up my life so that yours would be new... I'd give up everything... except you...
Sometimes you have not even begun to speak, and I am at the end to what you are saying.
sweetest part in life is to carry all d memories in life but toughest part is tht to stay away for long time frm d person who is behind those memories !!!
i"ve looked u known u & i"ve luv u with my inner heart but the 1 greatwall is"re i can"t speak & i can"t forget & i can"t live a sindgle day without u""""""
Ull always be mine 4 now & 4ever.Ull always be mine 4 u r my treasure.Ull always be mine please tell me its true.Please be mine 4ever ill always luv u
If U have the courage to love...! You have the courage to suffer
This is story 4 ppl in luv Guy had cancer n he had only 1month 2 live he likd a girl wrkin in cd shop but he didnt tell her. Everday he used 2 go in the cd shop to buy a cd so that he cud talk to the girl. After a month the guy stopped going. When the girl went to his home to ask his mother said that he died today and took her to his room where the cd's were kept unopened. The girl cried. u know why? Coz in evry cd grl had kept chit that SHE LUV HIM.
Buttrflies dnt knw in wt color their wings r, bt human eyes knw how nice it is. Likewise u dnt knw how sweet u r, bt I knw how sweet u r.
i knw nothin lsts 4ever..& mybe we wnt 2 alwys sty 2gdr,But evry smile & tear we share, cnvincs me dat memries of u & me wil lst 4 d rest of my life..Byond 4evr.
Love is not the moments of the enjoying together,It is the pain of the departure!So keep in touch with love always..