Do you know

Do you know
Do you know how lovely you are in the stars light of my heart...! u know..! we will together forever and i smile inside to know you are completely mine..

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Mobiles are irritating………………. Rings every now and then…………. Recharge the battery……. Message get delayed………………but one thing I love about it is…… it connects me and u
If i hav 2 describe true love den i would describe it as wt a snowman did 2a snowwoman .He gave her a warm hug n they both melted in each others arm.
To wish`is to wish for you.``To sleep`is to dream of you.``To live`is to wait for you.``To smile`is to think of you
Friends are Angles.. sent 4m heaven dey guide U care4 U luv U & inspire U u r one of d sweetest Angels i ever had...! hope u"ll b my Angel 4 ever...! "
Sumtyms luv is ironic`its hard 2 find`bt easy to lose`makes u feel good`but hurts u so bad`opens ur eyes`bt makes u blind`fills up ur heart`then tears it apart
Whenever you feel blue, I will be there for you, Whenever you are sad, I will stay by your side, Whenever you need someone to love.. I will always be there for you to have
u dnt hav 2 ask f i care. in evry word u say, fil free2tel ur worries & realyz dt im hir..4 now 4 always & 4evr 4u exclusvely…
For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it
Think of me, you know that I should be with you if I could, I will come around to see you once in a while or if I ever neeed a reason to smile, And spend the night if you think I should…
Meri dua hai tu sabse nek sirat ho,Teri tarah tera dil bhi khoobsurat ho...Dua se pehle mile tujhko jo tu chahe,Dua ko bhi tere haathon ki zarurat ho...
Ur Expression of the face could be seen by everyone.!But the expression of heart could be seen only by the loved one..!dont mis them in ur life.
its bettr 2 lus ur pride`2 sum1 u luv,`dan 2 lus ur luv`bcoZ of ur pride..`be a friend of thousands.`be a lover of 1..`n nvr let go of d 1`hu was nvr gone.