Do you know

Do you know
Do you know how lovely you are in the stars light of my heart...! u know..! we will together forever and i smile inside to know you are completely mine..

Dec, 26 2014     153 chars (1 sms)     660 views       Love

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If I would be a tear in your eye I will roll down on your cheek and die on ur lip and if you would be a tear in my eye I will never cry by a fear of losing
its always better 2 have found d courage 2 love even if u lose it in the end rather than never finding love because you were too afraid to face its challenge
Some people make special room in other’s heart, without even knowing they capture all the heart and leave the person with the pain.
Wen u hav a Reason to Like Some1 it means ur mind Likes it When u hav no Reason for Liking Some1 it Means ur Heart Likes it!
remember dat der will always be S o m e o n e who remembers u everyday w/ or w/out messages!```M e !
I think maybe forever is what you make of it. Tomorrow may be the end of your forever. I think we should be more careful how we use it.
If the people we love are stolen away from us the only way to have them live on is to never stop lovin'them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever…
Uve won my luv now I luv u. This heart of mine I give 2 u.So keep it safe as i have done.For u have 2 and i have none!
My 1 heart 2 eyes 7 litre blood 206 bones 5.5 million red cells 60 trillion D N A"s... says i love u"
Under the sea, there lays a rock. In the rock, there is an envelope. In the envelope, there is a paper. On the paper, there are 3 words... 'I Miss You'
The biggest similarity about ur first love & first drop of rain is; that how much even u try 2 escape from it..! it catches u..!!
For ma Sweet heArt:u r d reAson dat I'm smArt,u r d person who stole my heArt,My life is Short & you r d pArt,I love u,I love u with true heArt