The biggest similarity

The biggest similarity
The biggest similarity about ur first love & first drop of rain is; that how much even u try 2 escape from it..! it catches u..!!

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I searched through books, and I leafed through cards, For words that would convey, what I had in my heart, But when I sat down to write all I can write was…. I can’t live without you!!!
If a lover is like a Moon then frnds r like stars. Hav u noticed that the sky can look beautiful without moon, but not without stars.: Tke care my STAR!
Touch my heart & u’ll feel, Listen to my heart & u’ll hear, Look into my heart & u’ll see, That u’ll always be a special part of me
sweet as a rose bud bright as a star cute as a kitten thats what u are.bundles of joy sunshine and fun you are everything i luv all rolled into 1
Love is a soft feeling of heart but its very hard to feel and when it feels its too hard to drop bcoz True love happens once in lifetime
Life is a pearl When u start caring about urself,u start loving somebody, But when u start caring about other, Somebody will start loving u...
If the people we love are stolen away from us the only way to have them live on is to never stop lovin’them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever…
Trees Are Tall, Branches Are Small, But My Love For You, Is Greatest Than All.
"It's not ur mistake if u can't read d eyes which cheats u" but "It's really ur mistake if u can't read d eyes which Loves u."
Kab kon kisi ka hota hai sab jhooty rishty naty hain.. Sab Dil rakhny ki batain hain.. Sab asli ruop Chupaty hain.. Ik bar nigahoon main aa kr Phir sari zandagi rulaty hain......
what's love?? Those who dont know call it 'RESPONSIBILITY!' Those who play call it ''GAME ''! Those who dont have it call it ''Dream'' Those who understand call it'' LIFE!''