Vanshika Mathur (Karishma Kapoor), an orphan who lives with her aunt (Aroona Irani), is a simple middle class girl desperately in search of a job. Eventually she gets a job with Mr. Sinha (Alok Nath), a very successful businessman. Mr. Sinha is a widower who has a son Abhay (Chandrachur Singh). Abhay has grown up with his maternal uncle, Rakesh (Shakti Kapoor), a four-time divorce, whose motto is 'Stay unmarried and lead a Bohemian lifestyle'. Abhay is strongly influenced by his uncle and has grown into a flamboyant, arrogant, spoilt brat who has never put in a day's work at the family business.Mr. Sinha is obviously perturbed to the point of distress by the lifestyle his son leads - party all night and sleep through the day. He is determined to get his son back on the right track. In order to get Abhay into the office he entices him with the idea of young female secretary. He succeeds. Abhay meets Vanshika at the office. He is disgusted. She is flustered, but hopelessly in love. The rest of the film is a roller-coaster ride - a clash of the value system of the idealistic Vanshika and the non-existent morals of the wayward Abhay. But there are some unexpected twists, strange encounters (with Jabbar Khashogi-Danny Denzongpa) and unusual events courtesy (Jhonny Lever} on this exciting ride. Will Vanshika win Abhay over Yet again, will love triumph against all odds.
Karisma Kapoor, Chandrachur Singh, Danny Denzongpa, more..
Sharbani Deodhar
Release Date
Thu Apr, 08 1999

Cast Overview

Karisma Kapoor
... Vanshikha Mathur
Chandrachur Singh
... Abhay Sinha
Danny Denzongpa
... Jabhal Khargoshi
Aruna Irani
... Shakuntala Devi
Shakti Kapoor
... Rakesh Nath - Roxy

Crew Overview

N N Sippy
... Producer
Babloo Chakravorty
... Background Music
Farah Khan
... Choreographers
Ganesh Acharya
... Choreographers
Ahmed Khan
... Choreographers