The British Government admits to taking the priceless Kohinoor diamond from India, but agree to loan it for an exhibition to a multi-millionaire Vinay Kumar. Vinay arranges for top security of this diamond, but it does get stolen. The prime suspects are himself, as he was accused of stealing jewellry several years ago; Police Commissioner Surya Dev Singh, the very last person to have handled the diamond, and being the son of Prince Arjun, a jewel thief; Con-man Johnny, who has acquired a reputation of being a jewel thief; Jukaso, a gangster of international repute; and Chief Minister Neelkanth. With the Chief Minister and the Police Commissioner themselves suspects, no one really knows who the real criminal is, as the crime unfolds, only one of the above has the real diamond, and will not part with it under any circumstances.
Ashok Kumar, Dharmendra, Jackie Shroff, more..
Ashok Tyagi
Release Date
Fri Oct, 18 1996

Cast Overview

Ashok Kumar
... Prince Arjun
... Police Commissioner Surya Dev Singh
Jackie Shroff
... CBI Officer Johnny-Jatin Kumar
Anu Agarwal
... Vishaka-Sheetal
Shilpa Shirodkar
... Sonu

Crew Overview

T P Aggarwal
... Producer
Amar Mohile
... Music
Jatin Pandit
... Music
Lalit Pandit
... Music
Kamalakar Rao
... Cinematography