Guddu Bahadur is only child in the Bahadur family, consisting of Advocate Vikram, and his wife, Kavita. While Kavita is a devout and a religous Hindu, Vikram is not. Guddu and Salina Gupta are in love. One day, while driving, they meet with an accident, and Salina loses her sight. Guddu blames himself, and so do Salina's parents, and he is asked to keep away from Salina. Salina herself knows that the accident was not Guddu's fault, but would not like to meet Guddu and be a burden on him. Then Guddu overhears a conversation between their family doctor and his dad, and he comes to know that he has brain tumor, and has only a few more months to live. He wants to donate his eyes to the hospital so that Salina can benefit from them, but his dad will not even consider this. Things take a turn for the worse, when Guddu decides to go to court to assert his right to donate his eyes, not knowing that his decision will change everyone's lives.
Shahrukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, Deepti Naval, more..
Prem Lalwani
Release Date
Mon Jul, 31 1995

Cast Overview

Shahrukh Khan
... Guddu Bahadur
Manisha Koirala
... Salina Gupta
Deepti Naval
... Kavita - Guddu's mother
Mukesh Khanna
... Vikram Bahadur - Guddu's father
Ashok Saraf
... Baliya

Crew Overview

Prem Lalwani
... Producer
Prem Lalwani
... Story / Writers
... Choreographers
Saroj Khan
... Choreographers
Pappu Khanna
... Choreographers