Ravi is an eligible bachelor, who lives with his mother. The whereabouts of his dad are unknown. He meets with beautiful Kanchan and both fall in love. But fate has other plans for them, as Ravi soon finds out that he is the child of an unmarried lady and hence the marriage is called off.<br/><br/>Then he goes in search of his father and so does kanchan in search of Ravi. When he returns to his mother along with his father he cannot find his mother and is she is reported dead.<br/><br/>Then he goes to live with his father who is a judge but doesn't tell him that he is his dad.<br/><br/>Then he later comes to know the truth and finds out his mother. A nurse who is a friend of Kanchan comes to treat her mother and falls for Ravi. But at last she finds out that Kanchan is her real love and hence brings them together.
Dharmendra, Asha Parekh, Nazima, more..
Raghunath Jhalani
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1967

Cast Overview

... Ravi-Prakash
Asha Parekh
... Kanchan
... Rachna
... Jamuna
Balraj Sahni
... Shukla

Crew Overview

J. Om Prakash
... Producer
Sachin Bhowmik
... Story / Writers
... Music Director
Laxmikant Kudalkar
... Music Director
Raghunath Jhalani
... Director