The men in the Sood family have always been army men period. This is the tradition set by Major Sood, followed by his son, who is now a Colonel, married to Vandana, and father of an only son, Saajan. But Sood is unhappy with Saajan, as he feels that he lacks the discipline and vigor to be in the army. When he gets him the forms to fill out, Saajan refuses and is given 48 hours to change his mind. Then Saajan brings home a young girl, Kaajal, and introduces her to his mom, informing her that both of them are in love with each other and want to get married. When Vandana asks Kaajal about her parentage, she is told that Kaajal is a prostitute. A shocked Vandana tells about this to Sood, who beats Saajan and asks him to leave the house. Saajan takes Kaajal's hand and they leave the house. A few days later, Police Inspector D'Souza knocks on Sood's door, informing him that a complaint has been made against his son for abducting a young prostitute, commonly known as Paro alias Kaajal, and of beating several men who tried to stop him. Watch what impact this has on Colonel Sood and what he does to cleanse his family name.
Salman Khan, Nagma, Shakti Kapoor, more..
Deepak Shivdasani
Release Date
Fri Dec, 21 1990

Cast Overview

Salman Khan
... Saajan Sood
... Kaajal aka Paro
Shakti Kapoor
... Dhanraj
Kiran Kumar
... Colonel D.N. Sood
Beena Banerjee
... Mrs. Vandana Sood

Crew Overview

Nitin Manmohan
... Producer
Javed Siddiqi
... Story / Writers
Anand Chitragupt
... Music Director
Milind Chitragupt
... Music Director
Deepak Shivdasani
... Director