Of unknown parentage, as he was abandoned as a child, calling himself Brahmachari (Shammi Kapoor) lives in a heavily mortgaged house, with twelve other young orphans, and a servant/former thief (Mohan Choti). He struggles everyday to make ends meet. He cons the neighbouring landlord (Asit Sen)into forcibly giving him money so that they do not make any noise when he is showing the house to prospective tenants. One day he rescues Sheetal Choudhary (Rajshree) from killing herself. She was killing herself as her childhood betrothed, Ravi Khanna (Pran), is refusing to marry now that she is poor and the Khannas are wealthy. Brahmachari commits himself to helping groom and educate Sheetal so that she can meet with the high standards of Ravi and thus win his heart. In turn she must pay him enough money to clear the mortgage loan from his house. In this process he falls in love with her, but is committed to the children more than ever before, and Sheetal is determined to win back Ravi at any cost.
Shammi Kapoor, Rajshree, Pran, more..
Bhappi Sonie
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1968

Cast Overview

Shammi Kapoor
... Brahmachari
... Sheetal Chaudhary
... Ravi Khanna
... Murli Manohar

Crew Overview

Narendra Bedi
... Producer
G P Sippy
... Producer
Sachin Bhowmik
... Story / Writers
Herman Benjamin
... Choreographers
Bhanu Athaiya
... Costume Designers