Prashant Verma works as a reporter with "Navkranti", which is owned and operated by Pandey. Everyday Prashant witnesses the regression within Bombay city, and watches silently and helplessly as gangsters take over the lives of ordinary citizens, with the police force - which is now synonymous with oppression itself, and a protector of the rights of criminals, gangsters who have links to politicians - being nothing but a mere paper tigers. One day he witnesses a murder of a drunk named Monto, which is written off as an accident by the police and the file is closed. He decides that he has had enough of being a by-stander, he approaches Police Commissioner Anand Deshmukh, and informs him of that he knows that Bharat Acharya has killed Monto. Thereafter, Prashant's orderly middle-classed life is turned upside down - he loses his job; his sister, Shalini is abducted, raped, traumatized to such an extent that she becomes numb with shock and subsequently kills herself. And now a shattered.
Ajay Devgan, Raveena Tandon, Satyendra Kapoor, more..
Sameer Malkan
Release Date
Fri Feb, 19 1993

Cast Overview

Ajay Devgan
... Prashant Varma
Raveena Tandon
... Priya
Satyendra Kapoor
... Monto
Shafi Inamdar
... Anand Deshmukh
Alok Nath
... the Professor

Crew Overview

Dinesh Patel
... Producer
Sameer Malkan
... Story / Writers
Dilip Shukla
... Story / Writers
... Music Director
Sameer Malkan
... Director