MASHOOKA tells the story of the passionate Sanjana and the lovelorn Vicky. How is it like becoming vulnerable on a fateful day that changes the entire spectrum of one's life? MASHOOKA gives us that glimpse when Vicky who has been forlorn ever since his separation from Monica gets into a steamy, passionate one-day stand with Sanjana, and those passionate moments become his very own nemesis. While Vicky dismisses it off as a mistake, Sanjana begins to give it the definition of life-long love. It is at this juncture that Monika, Vicky's long-lost flame returns back to his life. That's when the dangerous game of love, obsession and revenge begins when Sanjana wants her relationship to crystallize and Vicky is torn between his love on one hand and the mistake he committed on the other.<br/>
Meghna Naidu, Vidya Malvade, Aaditya Bal, more..
Afzal Ahmad
Release Date
Fri Jul, 15 2005

Cast Overview

Meghna Naidu
... Sanjana
Vidya Malvade
... Monica
Aaditya Bal
... Vicky
Imran Khan
... 1

Crew Overview

Afzal Ahmad
... Producer
Afzal Ahmad
... Story / Writers
Suniel Kausshik
... Background Music
Bosco Martis
... Choreographers
Caesar Gonsalves
... Choreographers