Sarhad Paar examines the connection between a brother and his sister. Major Ranjeet Singh (Sanjay Dutt) crosses the border between India and Pakistan chasing a terror suspect Bhaktawar (Rahul Dev). He is captured and brutally tortured for five years, then returned to India a broken man. He no longer remembers who he is, or the faces of his wife Pammi (Tabu) or sister Simran (Mahima Chaudry). The only face he can see in his minds eye is that of his tormentor, Bhaktawar. He is bound by family duty to marry his sister to her fiance Ravi (Chandrachur Singh), and encounters a sinister Bhaktawar at their engagement ceremony. All his memories come flooding back, and he strikes out for revenge. He doesn't know that Ravi will not allow him to arrest the terrorists, because they are his employers.
Sanjay Dutt, Tabu, Mahima Choudhary, more..
Raman Kumar
Release Date
Mon Sep, 03 2007

Cast Overview

Sanjay Dutt
... Ranjit Singh
... Pammi
Mahima Choudhary
... Simran
Chandrachur Singh
... Ravi
Rahul Dev
... Bakhtawar

Crew Overview

Goldie Tucker
... Producer
Raman Kumar
... Story / Writers
Dale Bhagwagar
... Publicity Pro
Anand Raj Anand
... Music Director
Raman Kumar
... Director