Hot Money is a story of deceit and debacle. Simran (Nilanjana Bhattacharya) cries rape against her teacher, Rahul Kapoor (Tarun Arora). To make her case stronger, she asks an ex-student, Tanya (Divya Dwivedi), to testify in court against Rahul. However, Simran's bluff is out and it then emerges that Simran, Rahul and Tanya were all hand-in-glove to make money from Simran's rich mother (Kunika). A police inspector, Arjun Chowdhary (Mukesh Tiwari), gets wind of the trio's deal and tries to get a share of the pie. Meanwhile, Simran murders Tanya; Arjun kills Simran; and Rahul ...
Tarun Arora, Mukesh Tiwari, Divya Dwivedi, more..
Rakesh Sawant
Release Date
Sun Jul, 16 2006

Cast Overview

Tarun Arora
... Rahul Kapoor
Mukesh Tiwari
... Inspector Arjun Chaudhary
Divya Dwivedi
... Tanya
Rana Jung Bahadur
Tom Alter

Crew Overview

Nik Patel
... Producer
Kiran Patel
... Producer
Bobby Khan
... Choreographers
K A Jauhar
... Publicity Pro
... Music Director