The film is about a man named Balajeet "Bala" Roy (Sanjay Dutt),who is a software engineer lives a blissful life with his beautiful wife, Nisha Roy (Celina Jaitly). Nisha is expecting their first child together. Bala is suddenly captured for an unknown reason and kept alive in a cell without knowing who his captives are and the reason behind it. While in captivity, he practices martial arts which he learns from watching T.V., with the intention of using it against the people who captured him. When he is released, 14 years later, he sets out for revenge. As the film moves on, he is helped by a taxi driver Jenny (Lara Dutta) to track his kidnapper. Bala tracks down the restaurant that had served his food, during his entire captivity and follows a delivery moped to his captors. Discovering he was held in a private prison where people can pay to have others incarcerated, Bala tortures the owner Wong Foo (Rajendranath Zutshi) for answers by plucking out his teeth with a clawhammer; he then finds out he was imprisoned for "talking too much", and fights his way out of the building. Injured Bala is helped out by a hooded man who takes him to a taxi. The hooded man turns out to be Rohit Chopra (John Abraham). Soon Wong Foo kidnaps Jenny and tortures her. He threatens Bala to remove his teeth with his clawhammer by himself, but is interrupted by Rohit. Bala grows intimate with Jenny and has sex with her. Bala is informed that his daughter is alive. During tracking, he encounters his kidnapper which is none other than Rohit. In his flashback, Rohit reveals his reason of kidnapping Bala that during their childhood, Bala's lustful eyes falls on Rohit's elder sister Reema Chopra. After she slaps Bala for gifting a panty, Bala spreads a false rumour that Rohit's sister is a whore. And he fools little Rohit by sticking a message on his back. She becomes a laughing stock for all school. She commits suicide by burning herself. This left Rohit broken and deciding to seek revenge. Back to the present it is also revealed that his daughter is safe and she is now a 14 year old girl. Rohit helped Nisha during her pregnancy and delivery timsecale. When her daughter was 1 year old Rohit killed Nisha. Rohit helped and cared his daughter for 14 years. But Rohit sells his daughter to a brothel and bids her. Rohit is beaten up by Bala & he pleads him to tell where is his daughter. Rohit leaves Bala's hand & falls from the balcony and dies. Bala kills all of the goons and Wong Foo with a sword. At the end his daughter is safe and found sitting near a lake. Rohit just wanted to show the damage of Bala's action.
Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Celina Jaitly, more..
Sanjay Gupta
Release Date
Thu Jan, 12 2006

Cast Overview

Sanjay Dutt
... Balajeet Roy
John Abraham
... Rohit Chopra
Celina Jaitly
... Nisha Roy
Mahesh Manjrekar
... Joy Fernandes
Lara Dutta
... Jenny

Crew Overview

Sanjay Gupta
... Producer
Sanjoy Chowdhury
... Background Music
Rajeev Surti
... Choreographers
Farzana Barucha
... Choreographers
... Publicity Pro