Asha Rai wants to establish herself as a dancer, while her sister, Lata, wants to establish herself as a singer par excellence. Both compete openly in front of a crowd, and Asha wins this competition. Lata does not take this loss sportingly, and recklessly drives her car, injuring several people, and then ends up throwing herself off of a cliff to her death. This traumatic incident leave a scar on Asha and she loses her sanity. When Asha's boyfriend, Inspector Karan, introduces her to a young man by the name of Arjun, she is attracted to him, and soon both get married. It is then the Rai family find out that Arjun is the brother of one of the people that was killed by Lata's rash driving, namely his sister, Jyoti, and Arjun has married Asha to avenge her death - by killing her and all of her family - one by one.
Vinod Khanna, Jackie Shroff, Sridevi, more..
Shomu Mukherjee
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1990

Cast Overview

Vinod Khanna
... Arjun
Jackie Shroff
... Police Inspector Karan
... Lata Rai
Poonam Dhillon
... Seeta Rai
Amita Nangia
... Jyoti

Crew Overview

Shomu Mukherjee
... Producer
Shomu Mukherjee
... Story / Writers
... Story / Writers
Bappi Lahiri
... Music Director
Shomu Mukherjee
... Director