Widowed businessman, Sudhirbhai lives a wealthy lifestyle with his son, Vikram, who is student at National College. He is very affectionate toward Vikram and will do anything for him. His business partner is Goswami, who is also widowed, and has two children, a son, Mahesh, a daughter, Reema, who are good friends of Vikram, and the two businessmen expect to cement their relationship by getting Reema married to Vikram. But when Reema meets and falls in love with Amit Verma, who lives with his taxi-driver dad, mom - Shanti, and sister - Munni, things change dramatically as Sudhirbhai uses his underworld contacts in order to pressurize Verma to get his son to forget Reema, and he does this by destroying his taxi by a bomb. Verma does manage to convince Amit to stay away from Reema, but both meet again and renew their love - prompting Sudhirbhai to threaten Reema that he will get Amit gravely injured, and possibly killed, if she does not get married to Vikram. Reema has one choice now - to forget Amit for his very own safety, and tie the knot with Vikram.
Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla, Gulshan Grover, more..
B. Subhash
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1989

Cast Overview

Aamir Khan
Juhi Chawla
Gulshan Grover
Dalip Tahil
Om Shivpuri

Crew Overview

Bappi Lahiri
... Music Director
B. Subhash
... Director