Bollywood actor Ritesh and Pooja are married and live a fairly wealthy lifestyle. When he ventures to produce a film, a huge risk considering his naivety, results in financial losses, which they have to make good by selling all their personal properties, vehicles, and belongings. They re-locate to live in a small flat, and Ritesh loses himself in an alcoholic and nostalgic world. Pooja decides to take over the reins of this family by seeking employed, much to the chagrin of her husband, who would prefer that she stay at home - a discussion that may well be the turning point of their relationship and signal the end of their marriage.
Jackie Shroff, Dimple Kapadia, more..
Mahesh Bhatt
Release Date
Thu Jan, 01 1987

Cast Overview

Jackie Shroff
Dimple Kapadia

Crew Overview

Rajesh Roshan
... Music Director
Mahesh Bhatt
... Director