Madhavi is an orphan living with her Gangapur-based maternal uncle, who arranges her marriage with someone she does not know. She runs away to her lover, Kailash, only to find him in the arms of Shabnam; returns back and finds her uncle dead. Ashamed, she decides to leave by train. At the Station she meets with a widowed friend, Poonam, and her child, who asks Madhavi to accompany her to Nainital-based in-laws' house, where she will be introduced as her sister. The three travel together by train, but it meets with an accident, and Poonam is grievously injured. Before dying she asks Madhavi to take her place and look after her child. She wearily assumes the identity of Poonam, and reaches her destination where she is warmly welcomed. She finds out that her uncle had arranged her marriage with Kamal Sinha, who is bitter at the manner his to-be wife treated him. Kamal is attracted to Madhavi, and makes it known to his shocked family, who do not approve of this alliance with a widow. Before Madhavi could take stock of these turn of events - Shabnam and Kailash re-enter her life - shattering and changing it forever.
Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh, more..
Shakti Samanta
Release Date
Thu Jan, 01 1970

Cast Overview

Rajesh Khanna
Asha Parekh

Crew Overview

R.D. Burman
... Music Director
Shakti Samanta
... Director