Raj Kumar is a wealthy businessman and dislikes everything ugly. When his wife, Kamla, becomes pregnant and gives birth to an ugly son, he asks the attending Dr. Mathur to inform his wife that their child was still-born. Dr. Mathur places the child in the hands of Rahmat and his wife, Naseeban, who welcome him with open arms. But misfortune follows them, as the child, who is named Pyare, accidentally burns their dwelling down, killing Naseeban. Rahmat then re-locates to his village when he teaches Pyare the skills required to play musical instruments and sing. Years later, Rahmat passes away, and informs Pyare that he is really a Hindu. Dr. Mathur fills the rest of the blanks for Pyare, and arranges a song and dance play and hopes that Raj will overcome his dislike for his now-grown son. But that does not happen, instead, Raj offers to pay some compensation so that Pyare can look after himself. When Pyare goes to Raj to return the money, Kamla sees him and asks him not to leave and adopts him as her son. Then misfortune visits the Raj family when their other son, Sudhir, is abducted and held for ransom for 4 Lakh rupees. Sudhir's fiancée believes that Pyare is behind this abduction. Will misfortune and tragedy also follow Pyare to his new-found family?
Ashok Kumar, Asha Parekh, Pradeep Kumar, more..
R.K. Rakhaan
Release Date
Tue Jan, 01 1963

Cast Overview

Ashok Kumar
Asha Parekh
Pradeep Kumar
Achla Sachdev

Crew Overview

S.D. Burman
... Music director
R.K. Rakhaan
... Director