Job-hunting, on his way from Goa to Mahabuleshwar , Shekhar Kapoor ends up at Laila's Bar, is mistaken for a contract killer by Pratap Singh and Laila, and is instructed to kill Sonali, Pratap's niece. Shekhar fearfully accepts this contract, goes to meet Sonali, and tells her the truth. While returning home, he runs over a male, Madan, and takes him to a nearby hospital. It is here that he will find out the people who hired him to kill Sonia were not just Pratap and Laila but also the District Superintendent of Police and Agent Shekhar Amritsari of the Central Bureau of Investigation, and that soon he will be embroiled in a deadly game of lies and deceit where no one is who they claim to be.
Priyanshu Chatterjee, Cleo Issacs, Ayub Khan, more..
Raj Sippy
Release Date
Fri Mar, 26 2004

Cast Overview

Priyanshu Chatterjee
... Shekhar Kapoor
Cleo Issacs
... Sonali
Ayub Khan
... Contract Killer
Ravi Kissen
... Ravi Kissen
Nawaab Shah
... Pratap

Crew Overview

Ajit Ghosh
... Publicity Pro
S Pappu
... Cinematography
Mantra @ SDS
... Publicity Designers