Jajantaram Mamantram Story ia a After being shipwrecked, Bombay-based Aditya Pandit wakes up on an island populated by tiny thumb-sized people, who mistaken him for a cruel giant. But when they find out that he is harmless, he is welcomed, and asked to help them fight a giant named Jhamunda. Aditya agrees to do so, and comes face to face with his worst nightmare. For, Jhamunda is not just a giant, but an indestructible shape-shifting monster with magical powers.
Javed Jaffrey, Gulshan Grover, Joy Fernandes, more..
Soumitra Ranade
Release Date
Fri May, 30 2003

Cast Overview

Javed Jaffrey
... Aditya Pandit (as Jaaved Jaaffery)
Gulshan Grover
... Chattan Singh
Joy Fernandes
... Jee Rang
Dipannita Sharma
... Dancer-as Dipanita Sharma

Crew Overview

Arunima Roy
... executive producer
Soumitra Ranade
... Story / Writers
Bhushan Lakhandri
... Choreographers
Soumitra Ranade
... Screenplay
Adlabs Films Ltd
... Production Labs