The movie is narrated by Lucky Ali, as Mak. The six main characters are detained by the LAPD, and interrogated about stealing a truck full of laptops and its whereabouts. All six are detained for about a day, where their deep antipathy towards the police department, for arresting them without any apparent evidence against all of them, and just because the witnesses had seen a South Asian at work, grows into a daring plot. Sparked by "Major" and blown up by "Ajju", who asks them to meet him in his club, they all hatch a plan to rob the bank in which holds the payroll for the LAPD. In return, Ajju reveals that he was the truck stealer and splits the money with all. Everyone goes about their normal life after that, in which it is revealed the personal troubles all face. Marc is a bouncer who hates the way his lover, a club-dancer, has to live and decides to rescue her from the club owner Cyrus, by paying him the required money.
Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, more..
Sanjay Gupta
Release Date
Fri Dec, 20 2002

Cast Overview

Amitabh Bachchan
... Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major'
Sanjay Dutt
... Jay Rehan 'Ajju'
Suniel Shetty
... Marc Issak
Mahesh Manjrekar
... Raj Yadav 'Baali'
Lucky Ali
... Maqbool Haider 'Mak'

Crew Overview

Sanjay Gupta
... Producer
Sanjay Gupta
... Story / Writers
... Story / Writers
Gaviin Miguel
... Costume Designers
Anand Raj Anand
... Music Director