This is a family story. Jhoomri and her husband, Bhimsha, move into a new neighbourhood. Their immediate neighbours are three squabbling couples: Vijay and Anjali who are newly married; Appu Khote and Vimla, who are married and have four children; and Ravi and Meena, who are married and have one child. Slowly the husbands are running out of money so they trick their wives and go out for a vacation. Meanwhile their wives are struggling to pay their rents and decide to work even though their husbands told them not to. When the husbands come back, they kick their wives out of the house since they got jobs. The wives go to live with Jhoomri and Bhishma.The husbands are struggling to cook and take care of their children and go out to bring a dancing girl home to cook and look after the children! One day, Meena's daughter Rani falls sick and both husband and wife try to get two lakh rupees to save her life. The wife earns money by working hard, while Ravi tries smuggling to get the money. The story has a happy ending with the families living peacefully after.
Govinda, Juhi Chawla, Chandrachur Singh, more..
K Raghavendra Rao
Release Date
Fri Dec, 21 2001

Cast Overview

... Bhimsha
Juhi Chawla
... Jhoomri
Chandrachur Singh
... Ravi
... Meena
Johny Lever
... Appu Khote

Crew Overview

G A Seshagiri Rao
... Producer
Sashi Preetam
... Background Music
Umesh Jadhav
... Choreographers
P. Gowthan Raju
... Editor
V Srinivas Reddy
... Cinematography