Tani and Kamli are two sisters who live in Maharashtra, India. While Tani has married Bhaurao and lives a comfortable life in a village, Kamli has married a male in Bombay, where she lives a poor lifestyle with her brother, Sreepu, and a school-going daughter. After the passing away of her husband, Kamli becomes very depressed and eventually passes away. Sreepu takes her daughter to live with Tani in the village. Shortly after their arrival, Sreepu returns home to Bombay, while an overjoyed Tani welcomes her niece. Her husband, Bhaurao, is not at all pleased with the new arrival. Tani gets her niece admitted in the village school - only girl in the entire school. Her niece's talents go unnoticed by a careless Teacher, Deshpande, who eventually insults Tani and as a result she gets her admission annulled, and gets her admitted to another school run by Jadhav. While this does bring some stability in her niece's life, Tani's life is anything but, as she knows that her husband is having a sexual relationship with her maid-servant, Tulsa. A confrontation does take place and Bhaurao more or less tells Tani that she should resign herself to her situation. The question remains, will Tani really resign herself to this situation, and if not, what will be the outcome for her young and easily impressionable niece?
Shilpa Navalkar, Yogita Deshmukh, Leena Bhagwat, more..
Amol Palekar
Release Date
Fri Sep, 29 2000

Cast Overview

Shilpa Navalkar
... Taani Mausi (Aunt Taani
Yogita Deshmukh
... The girl
Leena Bhagwat
... Tulsa
Nimish Kathale
... Ningu
Akshay Pendse
... Mohanjjan

Crew Overview

G.A Kulkarni
... Story / Writers
Arundhati Chattopadhyaya
... Costume Designers
Pratima Joshi
... Costume Designers
Bhaskar Chandavarkar
... Music Director
Debu Devdhar
... Cinematography