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If you follow me, I may lead you straight to hell, but ifyou trust me, I will lead you back out again.
U may miss me, You may ignore me, U may even forget me. But one day if you want to see me Do not search, just see your shadow. I will be there. Trust me!!!
Life Says Enjoy ME,Time Says Use ME,LUv Says Feel ME,Frdsp Says Trust ME,And 'I' Say Dont Forget 'ME'
Santa: "God, if you give me 100 rupees, I will donate 50 rupees in temple". (After waliking some distance, he finds a 50 rupee note) Santa: "Shame on you God, you don't even trust me a little? You have already taken your share!"
Lady2Doc:let my husband come inside.Doctor:Trust me,I am a Gentleman.Lady:I know,but Nurse is sitting outside &my husband is not A gentleMan
We gain and lose things everyday. But trust me on onething. You'll never lose me. I will always be here. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
What a MARRIED man says after years of marriage,My marriage is made of TRUST and UNDERSTANDING,She dose'nt TRUST me and I don't UNDERSTAND her....
All married men say after yrs of marriage that,My marriage is made of trust & understanding.She doesn't trust me & I dont understand her
Wish u a Happy World Bestfriends Day. Send it to all ur Good Frnds, even me, hoping I'm 1 of them. C how many u get back. U r lovable if u get 6.. Trust me.
HAPPY moments "don't forget me;" Difficult moments "trust me;" Quiet moments "call me;" Painful moments "tell me;" Free moments "MSG Me.
Walk With Me When your Heart Needs Company Talk to Me When you Feel Alone Trust Me When your Heart Beats More Think Of Me Whenever you Need A True friend.
Time and distance are not important between friends. When Friend are in the Heart, they remain there forever. You may be busy but trust me you are always remembered.