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Missing U is nt a game 2 play,missing U is not a word 2 say,missing U does nt start in April nd end in May,missing U is a pain dat i fel every day…
Touch it gentlyPut ur finger inside If da hole is big put three fingersRub it up & down gentlythat's the right way of wash glass
most of d girls r like an Internet Virus: they ENTER ur Life SCAN ur pockets TRANSFER money EDIT ur mind DOWNLOAD their problems DELETE ur smile & HANG U 4EVER
An actress was filling up a form.There was a column in d form where 1 was required to state martial status.Married/unmarried.And she wrote:occasionally married
A girl enters a bar & sits next 2 a Sardar. She offers him a beer n says, i am roopali,roops 2 u. He smiles n says i am Ballwinder,Balls 2 u!!
Earlier bosses used to give dictation to secretary. Now secretary gives dick-tension to the boss.
1commerce Wali kya gaali degi? Saale bounced cheque,Dharti pe liablity, Pedaishi bad debts, Dishonured bill,Insolvent aadmi,Itna marungi ki balance Nahi bachega
BIPASA desh k har nagrik ko milni chahiye Bipasa ko pana hamara adhikar hai Bipasa har shaher/ gav ko milni chahiye BIPASA: BI=BIJALI PA=PANI SA=SADAK.
Comparison of a CHOCOLATE n a KISS... 1-Both r SWEET at any TIME, 2-Melt SLOWLY, 3-Sharing IMPOSSIBLE 4-More enjoyable when NO one IS WATCHING...
We all spend so much money for buying clothes but d best moments of life r enjoyed witout clothes.. Thats life..!
Ak dost dosre se:Yar aj teri bhabi ghar pe nai hai warna main tumko chai pilata.. Dosra dost: abey o kanjos,doodh Market me b mil jata hai
Failure is not when your girlfriend leaves u... Its only when...??????you leave her virgin.-