Salman Khan's oops moment!

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Salman Khan's oops moment!

Despite an awkward moment, Salman continues to shoot with his team Salman Khan had an oops moment on the sets of Sohail Khan's Mental recently. The actor was shooting an action sequence at the ND Studio, when he suffered a wardrobe malfunction. However, Salman, being Salman, continued with the job at hand without stopping the shoot. A source from the set revealed: "A huge set was created, which looked like a busy road, and the scene involved many bikes and cars. Salman and his co-actors in the film were shooting despite scorching heat.

Salman was on a bike and while doing the action scene, his trousers accidentally nipped, exposing his thigh. He didn't realise what had happened. There were more than 300 people on the sets, and it was rather awkward for them—no one knew how to tell Salman about the wardrobe malfunction." However, when the actor was told about this, his matter-of-fact handling of the situation took everyone by surprise. He refused to waste time by calling for a break to change into a new pair of trousers and shot in the torn one till the pack up was announced.

The source added: "Everyone was surprised to see how cool the actor was when he learnt about the wardrobe malfunction. When he spotted the slit, initially, he was taken aback. But he recovered quickly and told everyone to continue shooting. When the assistants requested him to change his trousers, he calmly reasoned that the remaining shots are close-ups and his trousers will be hardly visible in the frame. There was no awkwardness." Apart from Salman, Mental stars Yash Tonk, Ashmit Patel, Sana Khan and Daisy Shah.

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