Why Eesha Koppikar hates the Indian Premier League?

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(added 13 Apr 2013)

Why Eesha Koppikar hates the Indian Premier League?

Indian Premier League (IPL) matches might be a craze among Bollywood stars, but actress Eesha Koppikar does not like the tournament because she believes it divides the country into different teams. "For me, may the best person win. I did watch the World Cup because I am an Indian and I love my country. But what happens in IPL is that the country gets divided into different teams. I don't like it," she said in Mumbai at the Gudi Padwa celebrations. The 36-year-old is not at all fascinated by cricket. "Not much.

Actually I have seen my father and my brother watching cricket like crazy since I was a kid. They used to forget everything that was happening around them. I don't get so engrossed in cricket," said the actress of films like Pinjar, 36 China Town and Don - The Chase Begins. Esha is making her debut in Marathi films with Maat, being directed by Manohar Sarvankar. Talking about the status of the film, Eesha said, "My Marathi film is almost complete, two songs are left. We have started post-production and dubbing. It is my debut in the Marathi film industry, so I am a little nervous."

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