Women are superior than men: vidyut

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What is your mantra for fitness? My idea of beauty is a bit different from normal people. I think the belief 'being thin is being fit' is all crap. You don't have to diet to stay fit. You should eat everything you want to eat, everything. But do it in check, don't hog. After all you have to fill your stomach, not your eyes. I believe that your body knows best, listen to it. People are calling you India's first action hero. What do you have to say about it? Well, I am happy they are saying the right thing. Just today, somebody said that I'm counted in the list of sex symbols along with Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor. But personally, I'll be happy not being the sex symbol but the fittest guy in the country.

Women are superior than men: vidyut

That's who I aspire to be. How many hours do you spend at the gym? I train for 8-9 hours on good days. I do gymnastics and Kalaripayattu. I train a lot, but when I am not training, I don't think about being there.
Were you always interested in action or did it just happen? I didn't aim to be a martial artist but I think I was born to do action. People ask me, would you do Barfi! and I say that I'd do it if it has action. I don't mind being typecast. Is there an action hero you look up to? Yeah, Hanuman ji. I believe in him. We heard that you were thinking of starting a self-defence group for women? Honestly, I don't like the way it has been construed now because it wasn't meant for promotion (of my film).

I mean, whenever I get a chance, I say that women are stronger than men, in every form. And I believe this because I've grown up in a family of women. They are superior to men and I am not ashamed to say it. How has the journey been from being a villain in Force to being a hero now? You know, it's just that people's opinions have changed. I'm still the same. Nothing has changed. When Force happened, I told God that if it works well, I'll be very nice to every human being who works with me, and it's the same with Commando. But, did you ever think that starting off as an anti hero would be risky? No, I don't think like that.

If it's a risk, you have to take the risk and I am thankful that people have acknowledged my work. After Commando, even people from Hollywood are getting in touch with us because it's all new, this action. And I am happy to represent India. So, if I hadn't taken the risk, this wouldn't have happened. Who do you think is the fittest actor in Bollywood? Right now, I love the way Hrithik is. And among the ladies, I think it's Priyanka Chopra. After I saw Sonakshi Sinha's dance in Rowdy Rathore, I think she is fabulous. If you can dance like that, you are fit. You worked with John Abraham, what do you think of his fitness? He's very fit. I think he's a pioneer in India cinema of being so huge, so I think he's really good.

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