Earthquakes, Lamborghinis serve up Dubai date for Sunny Leone

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Earthquakes, Lamborghinis serve up Dubai date for Sunny Leone

The Bollywood actress will be performing in the emirate on April 19 in a special caged act; could she possibly be buying a home here? Professionalism and punctuality are two words that are mostly alien to the Bollywood race, with celebrities making it their business to serve up tardiness on a platter and generous helpings of attitude for dessert. And then as a ray of sunshine comes Sunny Leone. This once upon a time adult film star, carving a career for herself in one of the most unforgiving movie industries that is notorious for objectifying women with its sexually explicit ‘item’ numbers, decides to shun the rulebook and set her own terms, which would probably mystify her Bollywood brethren.

“What makes your time better than mine” were the words Sunny said she lives by, when quizzed about this anomaly for showing up on schedule for an event. Showing up on the arm of her husband and manager Daniel Weber, Sunny was the picture of elegance in a demure Rohit Verma sari, a far cry from her on-screen visuals that has made her a household name across the world. Gushing about her first visit to Dubai, Sunny said: “My first day here was spent on a desert safari. I have never been more scared; at one point I thought our car would flip over.”

Today will be spent exploring Burj Khalifa, while, both Sunny and husband Daniel, appear eager to invest in a home hear.  “My husband is so taken by everything here. All Daniel wants to do is drive a Lamborghini and buy a home here,” Sunny revealed. “It is something we would possibly have to consider.” The actress also relived her earthquake moments, which hit the UAE on Tuesday afternoon, saying: “I was sitting in my hotel room watching TV when I felt something strange happening. I first thought it was my husband doing something, then realised the entire hotel was swaying. I wasn’t scared though.

Earthquakes, Lamborghinis serve up Dubai date for Sunny Leone

”Sunny, who is performing at Chi @ The Lodge on Friday evening in an event organised by Premier Production House, revealed details of her special caged act for the night.  “Bollywood is known for its dramatic entries, so we decided that my entry on Friday’s event would live up to this,” she laughed. “There are a few surprises that will be revealed on the night.” The actress will be returning to Dubai next week for a special concert with the cast of ‘Shootout at Wadala’, that will see her shaking a leg with John Abraham, Anil Kapoor and the likes. Quizzed whether she has taken any advice from her co-stars, and the actress says: “All they have ever told me is ‘don’t change’.”

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