Vidyut Jamwal is ready for Commando sequel

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The Force actor Vidyut Jamwal's Commando-Rambo act in director Dilip Ghosh's Commando has been received with heartwarming gusto by the public. And as it becomes clear that Jamwal is the new action hero of Bollywood, plans to carry the Commando tale forward are now being concretized. South African action director Franz Spilhaus (of Dredd fame) who worked on all the breathtaking stunt pieces of Commando has been asked to take Jamwal's action to the next level. Spilhaus has asked producer Vipul Shah to send video-recorded stunt-pieces performed by Jamwal.

Vidyut Jamwal is ready for Commando sequel

Producer Vipul Shah admits that the sequel is in the process of being quickly formulated. Vidyut is quite taken up with the idea, though he admits there is a lot of pressure to take the stunts to the next level. "With Commando we seem to have taken the action in Hindi cinema to the next level. Or so we are being told. It wasn't easy to get where did with the stunts in Commando. It would be even more difficult to take the action to the next level." But Vidyut is not daunted by the uphill task ahead. "When I did Force everyone wondered how I'd be able to get something to equal if not better that one.

I wasn't troubled by that thought. I got Commando. So I am sure God has something equally invigorating in store for me," says the confident young warrior who spends a minimum of 3-4 hours every day in physical self-training. The encomium is pouring in from all quarters. But Jamwal seems curiously unaffected. "Life remains the same. I will still spend as much time training as I did earlier. Even if the work-load increases I won't feel the pressure because I need very little sleep. No matter how late I go to bed I am up at 4am. Of course it feels great when colleagues and movie-makers praise you. I never expected Commando would open up so many doors."

Several international production houses saw Vidyut's stunts in Commando on the internet long before the film released, and there have been feelers for international projects. Vidyut may accept one of these projects, time permitting. At the moment it is important for the young actor to maintain his equilibrium. "I don't want to get carried away by anything that happens. I owe whatever is happening to God. It is important for me to not feel the pressure of people's expectations. I would rather live up to my own expectations than try to be what others want me to be." Vidyut's next release would feature him in a non-lead role.  But he is most comfortable with doing a smaller part in a film that stars Saif Ali Khan.

"I accepted Bullett Raja solely because it was directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. I consider him a genius. To be part of any film directed by him is a privilege for me. And by the way how many scenes did I have in Force? To be able to make an impact one doesn't need to play the central character." Vidyut's dream-plan is to open a comprehensive institution for children. "I don't mean a school. I mean a place of learning where kids can imbibe knowledge of the Vedas and martial arts. Whatever I've learnt through my years of training, I will happily pass on to students who come to me to be trained. For me it's important to remain a student and teacher all my life."

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