Imran Khan has no time for gym!

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(added 07 May 2013)

Imran Khan is finding it hard to juggle between work and personal life. The last schedule of his upcoming film, a sequel to 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai' has been keeping him super busy with the result; he has no time for regular fitness regime. The actor however, has got a solution to it.  Read on.

Imran Khan has no time for gym!

“This last schedule of 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again' has been grueling. We've been shooting 12-hour shifts every day, all month without a single day off. As a result, I have had to bring my trainer on set to work out in between shots, and we have also built a space for dance rehearsals,” informs Imran.  If sources are to be believed, Imran apparently has charged whopping Rs. 11 crores to be the part of the film.  With huge money comes huge responsibility to give 100 percent to work. Also, in order to look good and fit on-screen, workouts are important. Thus, striking a good balance between work and fitness comes naturally. Isn’t it Mr. Khan?   

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