Honey Singh gets his way with Lungi song

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Honey Singh gets his way with Lungi song

So Honey Singh gets his way. His controversial track 'Lungi Dance' which composer Vishal-Shekhar so wanted to oust from Chennai Express is part of the film finally. There is a story behind how the 'Lungi' song was finally kept in Chennai Express. Apparently, the film's official music composers Vishal-Shekhar who were kept in the dark about Honey Singh's last-minute inclusion, put their feet down and refused to budge on the issue. "And rightly so," says a friend of the composers. "Throughout the time when Honey Singh was sounded out and brought into the project, Vishal and Shekhar were unaware of the developments. In fact, they asked director Rohit Shetty about it. He assured them there was no outside participation by any musician. The 'Lungi' dance came as a big shock to Vishal and Shekhar who have always insisted on doing films on condition that they remain the only music composers for every project they accept." And Shah Rukh gave out clear statements till the film's release that the 'Lungi' song was not a part of Chennai Express. Finally, the song made it into theatres as part of the end-titles. Speaking exclusively to this writer, Honey, who's gearing up for another concert abroad said, "I am glad the song is in the film. Log baatein kar rahe they, main nahin (People were saying things, not me). I was even being abused.

I still kept quiet. I did it for the King Khan, and now I've moved on. Unlike some other musicians, I don't have to keep holding on to one project. I've a dozen things claiming my attention. I've already moved on." Honey says he was aware of the politics to keep his song out. "I was always given the impression it would part of the film. It doesn't matter. I did it for Shah Rukh bhai. I had a great time shooting with him, Deepika and Rohit Shetty. I'd work with Shah Rukh bhai any day again. He just has to ask. He is a phenomenon and a source of inspiration to all outsiders in Bollywood like me. We will be collaborating again very soon." Honey Singh has a word of warning for those hurling abusive comments at him. "I'll take them to the courts for defamation, and not the Indian courts. I'll sue them in international courts."

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