Ileana D'cruz: Anurag Basu doesn't get me films here

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Ileana D'cruz: Anurag Basu doesn't get me films here

It's a common thinking that if a director launches a new actor or gets a new face or promotes a new talent in the industry then that director is hailed to be the Godfather of that particular newcomer. Since Ileana D'cruz, who was a southern sensation before entering Bollywood, is filmmaker Anurag Basu's find and debuted in his award winning film BARFI!, it is being touted that Anurag is playing Ileana's Godfather and helping her out getting good work here. But there's more to this director-actor Jodi. According to Ileana, Anurag is not her Godfather and they share an altogether different rapport, understanding and relation. I don't have any Godfather in the industry. Anurag and I are very fond of each other. Dada and I share love-hate relationship. We used to fight a lot during BARFI! so much so that at one point of time I thought of quitting the film...But we again got back together.

I don't like him sometimes, but I love the kind of man he is,'' Ileana says. She further adds, ''Anurag is a wonderful person because he understands me more than anything else. He is probably the only one who knows what I am really like, he knows me inside out. He is the only one to call me Illu MIllu in the industry and I don't let anyone address me by that name other than him. He is a lovely person and director but he doesn't get me any films here. Surprisingly we don't talk much. He is the kind of person who chats with me once in six months. Ileana D'cruz will be seen in upcoming film PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO starring Shahid Kapoor alongside. Directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, the film is slated to release on 20th September 2013.

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