Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 7 amidst another controversy

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(added 19 Oct 2013)
Bigg Boss is not called the most controversial reality show on Indian television just for the sake of it. This high voltage reality show has witnessed a lot of controversies right from its very first season. And naturally Bigg Boss 7 which is currently being aired on Colors channel is also not away from any controversies. Recently the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued a legal notice to the makers of Bigg Boss 7 because ministry felt that some of the content on the show was unsuitable for “unrestricted public exhibition”.
Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 7 amidst another controversy
If this wasn’t enough, one more complaint has been filed against Bigg Boss 7. An activist named Hemant Patil has filed a complaint at the Magistrate Court against producers of show alleging that it hurt religious sentiments by insulting a religion. Salman Khan who is the host of the show and the production team of Colors channel are named as respondents in the complaint. Patil claims that the show divides its participants in two teams: Angels and Devils. The devils carry tridents, which is the symbol of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythology, so it hurt his sentiments. Looks like, there is no relief for the makers of Bigg Boss.
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