Bigg Boss 7: Armaan in a live-in relationship with Tanya Singh

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(added 22 Oct 2013)
No sooner the controversial yoga guru Vivek Mishra entered the house, he has dropped a big bomb by revealing Armaan Kohli’s secret. Armaan who pretends to be an ardent lover of Tanisha Mukherjee is actually engaged to someone by the name Tanya Singh. Tanya and Armaan were engaged lately and both were in a live-in relationship for few months and Vivek also added that Tanya is angry over Armaan’s proximity to Tanisha Mukherjee. It is reported that Armaan and his girlfriend Tanya has been living together for few months and they are totally committed to each other.
Bigg Boss 7: Armaan in a live-in relationship with Tanya Singh
Vivek Misha who is close to Armaan’s family divulged the report. "Tanya knows Armaan`s family and stays with them. Now that Vivek has gone inside the house, he is likely to make Armaan realise his mistake and remind him that there is someone waiting for him outside. While there is nothing official about their relationship yet, the two have exchanged commitment rings," a source said. The housemates took Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s relationship in a positive way but they are not supportive of Tanisha and Armaan Kohli’s love affair. The latest eviction Shilpa Agnihotri feels Tanisha is making a fool of herself by dating Armaan inside the house.
"There has been a drastic change in Tanisha's behaviour since the time she went to Jahunnum side and got close to Armaan. Both of them constantly kept back-biting about everyone. I just hope that I soon get to see the same honest and sweet girl I met in the first week of Bigg Boss," shares Shilpa. Shilpa feels Armaan-Tanisha's relationship end after the show is over. Shilpa asserts, "No way! I can bet that these two will neither meet nor be in touch after the show! Tanisha is just sticking to Armaan because she needs a support system inside the house." It is heard that Kajol and her mother Tanuja are not happy to see Tanisha’s close bonding with Armaan. Salman Khan who is close to Kajol and Ajay even warned the lovebirds to behave properly as cameras are installed inside the house.  After Sallu’s warning, Tanisha maintained distance from Armaan for sometime but love always makes its way out.
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