Salman Khan ‘divides’ to rule Bigg Boss 7

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(added 02 Nov 2013)
Just when the battle between ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’ was brought to an end in 'Bigg Boss 7', another division cropped up in the house - it's Bollywood versus TV stars. Going by the turn of events, it seems quite evident that the house is split into two groups. In one group where all the TV celebrities have joined hands and in the other where Armaan and Tanisha isolated themselves. The host Salman Khan has also been dragged into this so-called groupism. Fans have vocally expressed that Salman has been favouring the contestants with  Bollywood background. Last weekend, Salman faced criticism for lashing out at Kushal Tandon (now evicted) for misbehaving with Tanisha Mukherjee during a task. According to Salman, Tanisha’s act of attacking Kushal physically was justified because Kushal provoked her. Kushal's argument that it was part of the task was swept under the carpet. However, in a recent task of ‘ignoring the obvious’, we witnessed repetition of the situation.
Salman Khan ‘divides’ to rule Bigg Boss 7
During the task housemates were asked to ignore Andy's presence, while he had to grab their attention. Andy adopted all sorts of method to distract the contestants. He played with Gauhar’s lingerie and made comments about the girls on national TV. After the task Gauhar gave an earful to Andy. Kushal got involve in the fight and charged towards Andy to beat him. Soon, Bigg Boss made an announcement that Kushal will have to leave the house for attacking Andy. Eyebrows were raised on this decision by Bigg Boss. Fans questioned the difference of judgment during Tanisha and Kushal's aggression. On social media viewers asked why Tanisha was not thrown out for attacking Kushal. Salman Khan had justified Tanisha's act as reaction to provocation.
Similarly Kushal was provoked when Andy was taking out his grudge against Gauhar and Pratyusha. Fans reacted saying if Tanisha’s act was justified then why not Kushal’s for standing up for Gauhar's honour? They were baffled with the different punishments for contestants in the same house? Even Pratyusha was not speared by Salman for calling Tanishaa a cheap girl and a “club dancer”. On the other hand even Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa have often called the other contestants “low class and cheap”. But during the weekend episode Salman ignored their comments. Armaan even mocked Kamya for being a divorcee and later apologized for what he said. Should such comments be ignored only because he apologized? After the chain of events that had occurred in the house, the loyal audiences of Bigg Boss feel let down.
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