Is Katrina Kaif threatened by Deepika Padukone?

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(added 21 Nov 2013)
Is Katrina Kaif threatened by Deepika Padukone?
With Ram-Leela, the Padukone babe has set a new benchmark for the leading ladies of Bollywood and competition surely gives women jitters. But is Salman’s ex girlfriend threatened by this beauty? Let’s find out. Deepika Padukone recently gave three back-to-back hits- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ram-Leela. Currently, she is the one ruling Bollywood and that surely has given other beauties a run for their money. Interestingly, Katrina Kaif does not feel threatened by her. But instead, she thinks that competition is good because it motivates the others to do better.
“I feel I am blessed in my career so far. God has given me more than what I have asked for. I have never been sad or complained about anything said in an interview. When someone asked her about the pressure of competition, she said, “It’s good to improve yourself with each film. Competition is a good thing. It pushes you to do good work. Any competition is good,” the actress told the reporters. With her upcoming release Dhoom:3, seems like Katrina Kaif feels good in her own space and is not bothered by humanly emotions like jealously. Awww… do we see a halo on her head? Wink, Wink…
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