Bigg Boss 7: Has Ajay Devgn threatened the makers to get Tanishaa Mukherji out of the house?

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(added 29 Nov 2013)
Apparently Tanishaa might be evicted from the Bigg Boss 7 house very soon. As you know Tanishaa Mukherji’s mother Tanuja and elder sis Kajol were not happy with the idea of Tanishaa participating in Bigg Boss 7. Tanishaa, however still went ahead with her decision. What came as a surprise was, in spite of their disapproval, Tanuja and Kajol chose to be part of the audiovisual shown on the grand opening of Bigg Boss 7. The show began and everything was fine in the initial two weeks and Tanishaa was considered as the most balanced contestant in the house. Problem began from the third week when Tanishaa started getting close to fellow contestant Armaan Kohli.
Bigg Boss 7: Has Ajay Devgn threatened the makers to get Tanishaa Mukherji out of the house?
Since then with every passing day, Tanishaa and Armaan are getting closer in the glass walled  house. And this closeness is making Tanishaa’s mother Tanuja and elder sis Kajol more and more furious. There have been reports that Tanishaa’s brother-in-law – Ajay Devgn has called his good friend Salman Khan and producers and asked to get Tanishaa out of the house, but all in vain. Recently during the Kabhi haan, kabhi naa task, Armaan got pissed at Tanishaa and he hastily and heartlessly pulled off the stool on which Tanishaa was seated, leaving her off balance. However like always, Tanishaa went back to Armaan and apologised to him. She then put her hands on his neck and thighs. In yesterday’s episode as well, TanMan (that’s what their fans call them) shared a long…very long hug with each other as the two were sad because their families didn’t enter the house as a part of the remote control task.
The two are behaving like a couple and this has irked the heck out of Tanishaa’s family. Now we have heard that Devgn has sternly told the makers to evict Tanishaa at any cost. That’s not all. Ajay has also told them that if Viacom 18 is looking for any kind of association with the Devgns in near future, they will have to make sure that Colors, their network channel, evicts Tanishaa from Bigg Boss 7. Reportedly Ajay is very serious this time, and if his request is not met up, he may just not work with Viacom18 anymore. A little birdie has chirped to us that a high level meeting is underway at Viacom 18′s office where the concerned people are discussing on how to handle this situation. Since there is no elimination happening this week, the makers are confused on Tanishaa’s eviction. One of the many suggestions that came up during this discussion was that Bigg Boss himself can evict one contestant, as per a valid reason. The makers have not reached to any conclusion yet and anything may happen. So will Tanishaa be finally evicted very soon from the Bigg Boss 7 house? Well, all we can do is just wait and let the drama unfold!
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