Should Sonakshi Sinha sit at home?

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(added 10 Dec 2013)
Sonakshi Sinha is not particularly intelligent at handling criticism. Every time she has shocked us with her horrid style sense we have counterbalanced our stingy argument with due respect for Sona’s acting talent. Such is the trauma of the behenji image that the generous gal is projecting that Shotgun Jr has now become one of the strongest contenders for the 3rd Awards in the Auntyji of the Year category. Even our readers are frantically voting in Sona’s favour and they genuinely think that she deserves the trophy for her popular public persona at LARGE. Naturally, the babe hates us and even refuses to look us in the eye.
Should Sonakshi Sinha sit at home?
Obviously, we too keep a close watch on the latest bit of info on the ‘mature’ looking actor. So when we were glued to the small screen last night, watching the juicy and gossipy drama unfold on Karan Johar’s popular chat show Koffee with Karan, we found Kareena Kapoor Khan saying something really nasty about the babe who feels that our hysterically popular pink website is tacky! (And we think that the adjective could only be reserved to describe Miss Sinha’s style sense and her ‘great’ screen presence). During the notoriously popular rapid fire round of the show, KJo asked Kareena to choose an alternate career for Sonakshi Sinha and Bebo frankly stated that Sonakshi should be a house wife!
A surprised Karan then, in his attempt to spice up the info at hand, declared that Kareena thinks that Sonakshi is not good enough to be in any career! Bebo quickly judged that her remark could be taken in a wicked sense. The elegant lady then quickly re-crafted her words “ No, I think she (Sonakshi) gives that nice vibes, you know,” said a hesitant Bebo. But by then the damage with a rather frank opinion (which we second so entirely) was done. But KJo was not willing to give up yet. He wanted to add more tadka to that spicy comment. He punctuated that remark with a reconfirming reply, “(you mean) the housewife type?” Ranbir Kapoor who was sharing the couch with Kareena was in splits, by then. And a confused Kareena invariably said yes!
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