John Abraham juggles with his weight

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Sporting the right look and getting that perfect body to suit a character tops almost all actors’ priority list today. But actor John Abraham seems to be taking it to another level altogether. John, says a source close to him, is juggling between maintaining a balance between a lean and a bulky look at the same time! And amidst all this, the hunky actor is also trying to do achieve this goal without causing any harm to his body.

John Abraham juggles with his weight

“John is very particular about his body and getting a desired look the healthy way. He doesn’t advocate short cuts at any cost,” says the source adding that this time the dilemma was that he had to sport two slightly different looks for two films, for which he is shooting simultaneously.

“Desi Boyz requires a lean physique, while a macho and bulked up look is in order for him in Force. Everybody was worried, but John said that he’ll work out a proper regime,” says the source. What followed was eight months of practicing a specially charted out exercise regime by his trainer. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.The actor and his trainerVinod Channa tried and tested several plans.

“It’s tough to gain eight kilos and still maintain six-pack abs. From his diet to his exercise regimen, John and I would change plans almost everyday to achieve the desired results. We’d also check regularly and see how his body was reacting to each plan, and then alter it accordingly,” says Vinod, who is happy that they finally hit the jackpot as they found the right chart to suit John’s needs.

And here’s a sneak peek into John’s fitness for other enthusiasts: The actor apparently included five days of cardio, combined with yoga for starters. Then he decreased intake of proteins and carbohydrates to ensure that he gained ample muscle weight and not unnecessary fat. John would also do functional training to keep his body from becoming stiff. That’s when he gained weight and developed six-pack abs for Force. The director of the film was very happy with the results and asked him to continue with the regimen. John, however, had no choice but to shed close to nine kilos for Desi Boyz and then regain some of the lost weight for the remaining portions of his action film. Though both his directors are pleased with John’s dedication towards his roles, the source adds that John is hoping that he doesn’t land himself in such a situation ever again!

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