Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s three best hugs ever

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Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s public hugs have made headlines and this Khan duo totally enjoys it. While their animosity and friendship both make for good headlines and spicy tales, we tell you few reasons why the Jai Ho star and Happy New Year‘s hero’s coming together is a delight to watch and take you down the memory lane through three best hugs of Sallu-SRK!Salman Khan recently in an interview confessed how competing Bollywood actors love to bring each other down, trust us both these Khans have spared no opportunity to poke fun at each other – be it interviews or then award shows you will see ample of SRK-Salman war designer for commercial viewing. If taking digs at each other is their pass time, then bringing the Khan war at the box office is their favourite hobby.  So every time one Khan breaks the other one’s record there is an open challenge and an untold war that is declared. Not to forget the Bollywood camps, they have a fixed set of friends, co-stars, directors. However slowly these clearly drawn lines of Salman-Shahrukh camp is blurring. So, then will we see them hug and make up?
Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s three best hugs ever
We wish, but according to Sallu’s writer father it’s a mission impossible. The Salim Khan explained why, ”They are two individuals, grown up people. I think there cannot be love between rivals. There can be courtesy. To have love between Salman and Shahrukh is not possible. One should not expect that if Shahrukh’s film is a success then Salman will dance and celebrate. Or if Salman’s film is a hit so Shahrukh will throw a party. It’s not possible.” But, at the recently held Guid Awards both the Khans hugged each other in full industry and media glare, which became yet another moment. Here’s a look at three such moments that had us in a tizzy!
Salman-Shahrukh’s Jai Ho moment: It was SRK’s time to celebrate his win at the Star Guild awards this year, Salman handed out the trophy to his arch rival for the best entertainer of the year. But he had already made it obvious why 2013 wasn’t a great for Bollywood. According to Sallu last year was a bakwaas year as he did not have any release. And even if he congratulated SRK on stage he made sure that King Khan became a part of his Jai Ho promotions. The best Iftaar party in town: Thanks to Salman Khan exchanging a warm hug with Shahrukh and greeting him, politician friend Baba Sddiqui’s iftaar bash became the most popular event of 2013. The first time warring Khan’s had ever come together after their big fight at ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s birthday party.
The big ‘OSO’ moment!: Farah Khan had brought together best friends turned foes, both on and off screen. The warring Khans were once chaddi buddies willing to share their awards on stage at one point, often spotted partying together. However things changed when this duo got embroiled in an argument on the sets of Chalte Chalte. What followed was Salman‘s then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai’s ouster from the film and the big fight between the Khan buddies. But Farah changed all that and got them together in one of the most fun and memorable song from her debut as a director Om Shanti Om.
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