Will Salman Khan’s Jai Ho create a new box office record in Bollywood? Tarot predicts!

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(added 25 Jan 2014)
Salman is back to the 70 mm after almost a year. Tarot predicts as to whether this wait would be worth it for both – the superstar and his fans! Salman Khan is the main pull of Jai Ho, but then there are other components; the introduction of Daisy Shah, Sana Khan and the re-start of director Sohail Khan’s career. What does the future hold for them all, Tarot tells us. Jai Ho may not be one of Salman Khan’s best, but despite this it will still do very well at the box office. The Seven of Pentacles and the Hierophant both represent a film that have most of the ingredients of a Salman Khan starer, along with the usual financial success. The film will struggle to maintain the same energy and passion amongst its’ audiences, this will be due to lack of balance and the right dosage of entertainment. There is a missing ingredient, but it will still be a major hit.
Will Salman Khan’s Jai Ho create a new box office record in Bollywood? Tarot predicts!
Daisy Shah, the new entrant in Bollywood will quite obviously impress with her dancing skills but she will disappoint in the acting department. There is a long way to go before she does step it up and hence it is unfair to judge her on the basis of her one role, especially when the Justice card does indicate a promising future. She will be a slow starter, but her risk taking ability will see her career move ahead. Tarot does suggest her to be more instinctive and aggressive towards following her career path if she is to make better use of her opportunities. Sana Khan is smart – she will know how to use this opportunity to her benefit.
Although her impact in the film may not be so much, but it’s cards such as the King of Pentacles that will suggest her reaping rewards. No legal issues, or even any criticism will effect her future. Television will still be her mainstay whereas films will be occasional. She will be offered roles that may not be in the lead, but roles that will attract attention. Sohail Khan has waited quite sometime for this moment and he will savour it. He will sense a mixed response, and will sit and evaluate its’ possible improvements. Jai Ho is a huge learning curb for him, and no where will it be a discouragement, instead he will come forward with a number of exciting and successful projects. The Chariot and the Judgement card show his direction going towards a different tangent. Action will be an important part, but realism will be more important to him. 2015 will take him to the next level but improved planning will see him reach their quicker.
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