Sunny Leone loves the 'climax' of Ragini MMS - 2

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It is a 'climax' of a different kind for Ragini MMS 2 and Sunny Leone had to actually 'act' for it. Though she has been a part of some dramatic encounters in her debut Hindi film Jism 2, she wasn't quite prepared for what lay ahead for her in Ragini MMS 2. However, the results have been more than gratifying, what with Sunny being totally 'satisfied' with the end results. "It is an out and out horrifyingly thrilling climax that Sunny has shot for. It was a stretched shooting schedule and while it was scary, it was also physically demanding. As a matter of fact, this sequence, in particular, has made her stretch beyond her limits as an actress. Even she is pleasantly surprised with the result," informs our source. 
Sunny Leone loves the 'climax' of Ragini MMS - 2
Said to be lasting close to 15 minutes, the film's climax required Sunny to step into an intense outing. Confirms Sunny, "I just watched the film's climax last week and I can say that with confidence this is something that has never been seen before in an Indian film. It is intense and scary. The only parallel that I can draw, if at all I have to do that, would be with Hollywood horror movies."  Though the eventual results aren't gory, they are spine-chilling for sure. "Yes, it's definitely a combination of a lot of different things. There is some good CG on display but most importantly, there is a lot of insanity in the climax. The prosthetics are never-seen-before kind, the background score is scary to the hilt and the overall sound design would make you want to disappear somewhere. The whole focus is on how crazy a situation can get." 
While she does detail out the scene well, Sunny says that a lot more would be in the offering once the film hits the screens later this month. "All I can say is that this is the hardest scene that I have ever worked on. There was a lot of physicality required to get this one right and for me, it has been one bodily experience indeed," smiles Sunny. Apparently, even though Sunny is seen in a glam avatar for the most part of the film, there would be a new look that would be on display during the turn of events as the film comes to a close. "Yes, there is a lot of beauty and sexiness right through the film but I get into a much deglamorized avatar as the film reaches its climax. I am myself pleasantly surprised to see how everything has turned for Ragini MMS 2," she concludes.
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