Fakhri’s experience in Hollywood and Bollywood

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Actor Nargis Fakhri has returned from the US after shooting her first international film titled, Spy, directed by Paul Feig. The film will see Nargis in her first action role. Speaking about her role and the film Nargis said, “I don’t know why some sections of the Indian media have written that I’ve shot with Jude Law. Because I haven’t! He is in the film, but I haven’t shot with him yet.” “There are also Jason Statham and Melissa Mac Carthy in Spy with me. I can’t reveal what I am playing until the producers make their announcement. But I can tell you they’re planning a global campaign with actors from various parts of the world. I’d be representing this part of the world,” added the actor.
Fakhri’s experience in Hollywood and Bollywood
Nargis loved working with Paul Feig:  “He’s directed Bridesmaids and Heat. He was amazing to work with. I’ve to go back for about a week’s work. All I’ll tell you about my role is it’s action-packed.” Nargis says Bollywood and Hollywood are completely different experiences. “I am not saying one is better than the other. I enjoy both. But Hollywood is far more organized than Bollywood.” Nargis returned from Hollywood to the heartening news that her film Main Tera Hero is a hit. However, she is cautious in her enthusiasm. “I’m a little weird that way. I don’t really know how to express my happiness. I am happy people liked the film, but I’m happier for Varun. It’s his film from first frame to last,” said Nargis. “I got a nice feedback on Twitter, but I got mixed signals about my performance. Some critics have been very harsh. That’s okay. I like honest criticism. I know I’m not the consummate Bollywood heroine. I’m working hard on it,” she added. Nargis feels it’s very important to not take one self seriously: “It’s important to be able to laugh at oneself. I don’t think too many do that around here. I am still taken aback by how much people comment on others. And though I may say I don’t care there’s always that tiny percentage of self-doubt within me created by people’s perception of me. At the end of the day I do care about what people think of me. I am human.” 
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