Canadian girl Simran Sidhu is all set to be a Bollywood star!

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(added 30 Apr 2014)
The 25 year old girl is Bollywood Star, a four-part reality challenge on Omni TV, where the grand prize is a role in a Bollywood movie! It’s a typical dream come true story that can easily be converted into a dramatic Bollywood style flick! Simran Sidhu, all of 25, has always wanted to be in the world of fashion. And today after willing the reality show Omni TV in Canada Simran Sindhu is all set to be a part of Bollywood.
Canadian girl Simran Sidhu is all set to be a Bollywood star!
Born in Dubai, raised in India and now a Surrey resident, the 25-year-old ICBC employee has been enamored by the glamour and emotion of Hindi film since she was a kid. She looks up to Bollywood megastars like Madhuri Dixit and always dreamt of dancing and acting right alongside the heart throb of the nation Shahrukh Khan.
Matter of factly, Sidhu knew she was the winner of the show four months ago and had to keep that exciting secret from her friends and family. They got to know the  happy result for which they watched the season finale episode on TV just like everyone else. ”My first love is dance. I’ve been dancing since I was little,” she said in an interview and further added, “Acting was never something I thought I could pursue because I never thought I was an actress, but clearly I am now!” Yes, indeed Sidhu is an actor and she is all set to feature in an undisclosed Bollywood movie!
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