Why Esha Gupta Told Family Not To Watch Humshakals?

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(added 02 Jul 2014)
Bollywood actress Esha Gupta who was recently seen in the film Humshakals said that she had told her family and particularly her father not to watch Humshakals. Esha apparently told her father not to watch Humshakals as she feels her father and others in the family won't be able to tolerate watching the film. "My family, particularly my father had been categorically told not to watch Humshakals because I knew they would not be able to bear the film," said Esha. It is to be mentioned, Esha plays the role of a doctor in Humshakals and her role was more or less just an eye candy which Esha says she was well aware of even before signing the film.

Why Esha Gupta Told Family Not To Watch Humshakals?
"Sajid Khan told me upfront that I was an eye-candy in the film. I knew Humshakals would not win me any best actress award," said Esha. However, Esha has no regrets doing Humshakals as she got a chance to work with one of the A-listed actors of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan. "Many have questioned my decision to take up this film but I have no regrets," added Esha. Although, Sajid Khan's Humshakals has done good at the Box Office, the film suffered wide scale critical bashing, to which Esha also feels the film could have been made better. "Sometimes things go terribly wrong. It's not enough if your film makes money, we want the audience's appreciation too. In retrospect, I feel we could have done a better job with Humshakals," said Esha Gupta.
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