How Salman Khan, Sajid pegged Jacqueline to dub for Kick

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(added 11 Jul 2014)
Call it the Salman Khan magic but then it is rubbing upon Jacqueline Fernandez for sure. Such was the kind of motivation she received from her Kick co-star that she is now ready to kick not just in front of the camera but also behind the mike as well. For the first time ever in her five year long Bollywood career, the gorgeous young woman would be speaking her own lines for a film of hers. Confirms Jacqueline, "Yes, I am dubbing for myself in Kick. I do realize that it is hard work for sure."  Right from her debut flick Aladin to her last release Race 2, her voice has been dubbed by a professional artist. As a matter of fact she didn't know even a word of Hindi when she came to Mumbai half a decade back. Slowly and steadily she has learnt the language.  "While Sajid has got a good team to help me out during dubbing, Salman had been a great help too right from the shooting days itself," she continues. 

How Salman, Sajid pegged Jacqueline to dub for Kick
As a matter of fact, Salman was a great influence during the entire exercise as he pegged her to speak fluently in Hindi while filming of Kick itself. He used to be ultra patient even if she used to fumble here and there. That gave her a great confidence as never once did Salman show any kind of annoyance when certain retakes were required. Once the shooting was through, even when Jacqueline did feel that she was ready to dub, it was a major decision for Sajid Nadiadwala since this is his first film as a director and for obvious reasons he wanted everything to be perfect.
In order to ensure that Jacqueline was well equipped to do the job, he assigned an entire team of technicians to be around her in the studio so that she gets a certain comfort feel as well while he gets the best out of his leading lady.  Admits Jacqueline, "In fact honestly, the first 10 days of dubbing I was a disaster. Then in the next 10 days I managed to dub for three times the dialogues when compared to the first day. And then so on and so forth. I have got the hang of it now as it has become easier for me." Guess after Katrina Kaif, here is another 'videshi' import who is now truly well equipped to be a quintessential 'desi' girl.
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