Aditya Roy Kapur observed Roza on last day of Ramzan

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(added 02 Aug 2014)
Aditya Roy Kapur observed Roza on last day of Ramzan
Bollywood and divine faith always go hand in hand. While many stars visit temples and dargahs to pray for the success of the films, Aditya Roy Kapur had a different way of worshipping this year. Since his film Daawat-e-Ishq is due for release soon, he observed Roza this year, as he plays a Muslim guy in the film. Even though he decided to keep Roza this year, he was unsure because it is a very stringent fast without water. After getting the details of the fast from his Muslim friends, he went ahead with his Roza on the last day of Ramzan. Even though it was a difficult day, but he managed to observe the fast. What really surprised him is that his friends and family sent him fruits, delicacies and specially cooked homemade dishes for Iftaari. Aditya Roy Kapur, who was totally moved touched by their gesture, chose to give the diet a miss and indulged in the elaborate food pallet.
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