Kareena Kapoor's Patch-up Attempt with Rani Mukerji

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(added 14 Aug 2014)
Kareena Kapoor's Patch-up Attempt with Rani Mukerji
A few days ago Kareena Kapoor had miffed Rani Mukerji with her remarks that only her sister Karisma Kapoor looked good in de-glam roles. Obviously this allegedly didn’t go down well with Rani who is a brilliant actress herself. But instead of taking potshots at Kareena, Rani did the opposite – she praised Bebo and spoke really highly of her. Despite the fact that Kareena’s Singham Returns and Rani’s Mardaani are releasing one after the other, the new Mrs Chopra decided to take the higher moral ground. In an interview, Rani said that she was looking forward to watching Singham Returns and praised Bebo as an actress. She also asked the media to not compare Singham Returns with Mardaani, since the former is a bigger film. Surprised?
Well, we think Bebo is slightly remorseful about shooting her mouth off and has clarified that she wasn’t actually targeting Rani! Kareena insisted that Rani and she are good friends and that the relationship has grown over the three films they’ve done together. In her words, “We are both mad, talk incessantly and love to eat. We once met on an aircraft and the whole aircraft was like, ‘you girls are talking too loudly’!” She adds that she considers Rani one of the finest actresses in Bollywood and that “I am travelling now but plan to watch Mardaani when I return from London.” Now Saif steps in here too to tide things over, since Rani is one of his favourite actresses too, ever since their very successful Hum Tum together. And Bebo grins, “I know he liked Rani a lot apart from me, so you can count her as one of his favourites…”
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